Contemplative Silence

Lately, I have committed myself to a practise of contemplative prayer.  This is essentially a practise of silence, of stilling the mind – or not so much stilling the mind but observing the crazy meanderings it follows without judgement. In a way it is as a response to the isolation we are all experiencing due to the COVID 19 pandemic; but also I have known for a while that I need to slow down and simplify.

I want to share a little piece of my heart, what I have been learning in recent weeks, and my hope and prayer is that there will be someone that migt resonate or feel encouraged too.

Lately, maybe due to this practise of silence, I have become so aware of my chattering mind, my ego. Sometimes I feel so captured by its endless judgements and circular, repetitive, anxious thoughts. It’s overwhelming.  But I am positive, because I have also had glimpses of something more. It may just be seconds of clarity, but they are precious nonetheless. During these moments, I sense myself as a child, a being tenderly held by her creator and life. My very breath is not my own, I cannot control the ebb and flow of life found in sounds of traffic, my dog barking at some imaginary intruder, the cacophony of birds, the interruptions of others in my house moving about their day. I become aware of the only task at hand, to surrender to my God, and the only thing necessary is to show up, to maybe till the soil of my mind so it is malleable and God does the rest. God plants the seed and causes the seed to grow.

The idea of surrender is to be attentive to what is, in the moment without assigning inferences, my own empty manipulations and labels. Just as each moment is fleeting, so too is my awareness of God- fleeting. All I can do is come to each moment with open hands, not expecting anything, just letting things be as they are. In the silences and the stillness, there is the voice of God, a whisper, a moment.

I am frustrated and I wish I could be more silent, more surrendered to the moment. But, maybe I need also to have compassion for the ‘little me’, my ego. For I know it must die, become smaller. It is a fragment of me, but not the real me who is eternal and hidden in the eternal present in love and with love, with God.


I’ve been so tired for many months, I’m sure many of you can relate…it seems a struggle to just get through the day doing normal things. After a blood test showing low iron I became hopeful that my energy levels were just due to that. Two iron infusions later, no energy joy 😢

I wanted to share because I know so many of us suffer with things that we can’t quite put our finger on. Auto-immune issues, depression and anxiety are very real. I have so many things I want to do, even have the resources (I’m so fortunate here), but lack the energy to bring them to fruition.

Please know that if you can identify in any way with these feelings, you are not alone. Sometimes it can feel like all your good intentions come to nothing. It’s a bit like feeling paralysed despite wanting to move towards better mental and physical health.

I have no words of advice, just my own journey. I have found that teeny tiny baby steps have saved me. It’s so hard to take the pressure off and rest when I need to. But I need to, and so do we all! Today was good. I had about 3 hours of productive art time and I’m so glad for that. I’m trying to lean in to simple things…meditation, yoga. Yoga is especially great if you have muscles that are often achy.

We don’t have to be great, excellent, amazing or anything else in this life. It is enough to know that you, and I, we are loved. We are loved. We are totally and unconditionally loved.

Art for Self-care and Mindfulness

Through the process of being creative, we can achieve deep relaxation and clarity, otherwise known as the ‘flow state’. Art and creativity has been shown to alleviate symptoms of anxiety  and aids in processing difficult emotions and navigating life challenges.

Workshop Programmes

Workshops and classes are available by appointment, either at my home studio in Medina or by mobile arrangement, available Thursday-Saturday. To book, simply contact me with a workshop request and preferred day and time. Cost is $25 per person with a minimum of three participants. All workshops suitable for adults and children 12  and over.

Art Journaling Workshop

 Discover how to utilise mixed media and collage in  a daily journaling practise. All materials provided, including an A4 art journal. Workshop runs for 3 hours.

 Totem Animal Painting Workshop

 Through meditation, discover your special ‘totem animal’, and the unique attributes your animal brings. This is an acrylic painting workshop, where the finished painting will be a symbol of encouragement and inspiration. No experience necessary, as I will assist you in any way needed. All materials supplied,  this is a  3 hour workshop which can be run as a series over 2 weeks.

 Mixed Media  Assemblage Workshop

In this workshop, participants will create a mixed media ‘assemblage’artwork using a variety of materials including scrapbook papers,  feathers, found objects, trinkets which are glued to  a craftboard and  further enhanced with acrylic or enamel spray paint or acrylic paint.  All materials provided, however,  bringing along objects, bits of fabric etc makes the artwork more meaningful and personal.


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Pondering our Animal Companions

I am hosting another ‘Animal Totem’ workshop this Saturday, which got me pondering all of the animal people that have come across my path lately.

Last weekend my husband and I visited the Margaret River region. I was able to spend some much appreciated time in nature, and found loads of inspiration in the richness and energy of animals and natural landscapes. Without meaning to sound like a nursery rhyme, we saw blue wrens, a lovely family of ducks, a sheep who thinks he’s a dog, and the many cows which grace hillside paddocks. We also happened upon a snake, still a bit sleepy from winter when we went for a bush walk in the Karri forest.

Funnily enough the critter that stood out to me most was the humble wasp. Several times over the weekend, wasp would come across my path causing me to wonder at his attributes. I’m coming to appreciate the importance of bug life to maintain balance and harmony in our eco system. But wasp has other unique things to offer too.

Wasp symbolises becoming active and involved in goals and plans, working as a part of a team, communication, efficiency, fertility, and intelligence. Being a creature of the spring season, it can also mean new beginnings. For me, wasp reminds me to keep on going one day at a time and not lose sight of my dreams and desires. He also shows me the power of clear communication in all that I do.

The details for my next workshop:

Time :1:00 p.m- 4:30 p.m

Venue: My home studio, 12 Heylmore Road Medina

Cost: $35, All materials supplied

Peace ❤️

‘Treasure Boxes’ school holiday workshop

Recently I made this lovely treasure box which I use to store my homemade affirmation cards. In this afternoon workshop, we will create our own unique boxes. You can make your own cards to put inside or something completely different such as small dolls or animals made from air drying clay. Suitable for school aged children, right up to highschoolers and parents who want to engage their inner child!

The Details:
Date: Monday the 30th of September

Time: 1 pm- 2:30 pm

Cost: $20, all materials provided

Venue: My home Studio, 12 Heylmore Road Medina



Totem Painting Workshop

‘Join me for an afternoon workshop where we will create a mixed media painting around the theme of ‘animal totems’. An ‘animal totem’ is a shamanic term which has a rich history and can be found in many cultures around the globe. The characteristics of different animals are powerfully symbolic, bringing gifts of healing, encouragement, guidance and self awareness. ‘Animal medicine’ can aid and assist us in fulfilling our unique purpose in the world.

We will be using acrylic paint and a variety of other materials such as papers, fabrics, feathers on canvas to create a meaningful and interesting artwork that connects with your life journey in some way.

All materials are provided, and this workshop is suitable for people with all levels of art experience.

The Details:

Date: Saturday the 31st of August

Time: 1 pm- 4:30 pm

Cost: $35

Venue: My home Studio, 12 Heylmore Road Medina


Lion Energy

I’ve been exploring astrology lately. It’s been a fascinating topic for me and one that has deeply inspired my spiritual and creative life. With this month being Leo season, I felt propelled to bring a painting honouring the majestic Lion.

From my Christian roots, I am drawn to the Lion symbollism in the sense that he represents the universal Christ energy- the creator and foundation of everything that is. Lion has caused me to think about the Sun in this way too, the sun sustains life, bringing warmth, power and growth.

As a spiritual totem, Lion has so many attributes worthy of considering or meditating upon. Lion, connected with the radiant yellow solar plexus chakra, resounds with a quiet strength, resilience and confidence. Lion is active and vocal. He is determined and focused. His movements are stealthy, sleek and fast- when on the hunt. When at rest he will relax like no other animal, with a kind of self assured, light hearted, leisurely vibe.

Lion can not only give you the heads up regarding problems or conflict on the horizon, he can also gift you with ways of dealing with difficult circumstances. There is so much Lion symbollism in the world of fairytales and myth. Take, for instance the Lion character Aslan, from C.S Lewis’ Narnia series, who is an allegory of Jesus. Here, Lion  teaches us that not only does he have the quintessential Lionesque courage, but wisdom and a hugely warm and loving heart that sacrificially gives.

I hope you get so much out of the next few weeks and really take hold of this dynamic energy around us to bring to fruition plans and aspirations, as well as listen to dreams and spiritual guidance. May you, like the lion have courage and wisdom in all you do.

And…Happy birthday my Leo friends!