I’ve been so tired for many months, I’m sure many of you can relate…it seems a struggle to just get through the day doing normal things. After a blood test showing low iron I became hopeful that my energy levels were just due to that. Two iron infusions later, no energy joy 😢

I wanted to share because I know so many of us suffer with things that we can’t quite put our finger on. Auto-immune issues, depression and anxiety are very real. I have so many things I want to do, even have the resources (I’m so fortunate here), but lack the energy to bring them to fruition.

Please know that if you can identify in any way with these feelings, you are not alone. Sometimes it can feel like all your good intentions come to nothing. It’s a bit like feeling paralysed despite wanting to move towards better mental and physical health.

I have no words of advice, just my own journey. I have found that teeny tiny baby steps have saved me. It’s so hard to take the pressure off and rest when I need to. But I need to, and so do we all! Today was good. I had about 3 hours of productive art time and I’m so glad for that. I’m trying to lean in to simple things…meditation, yoga. Yoga is especially great if you have muscles that are often achy.

We don’t have to be great, excellent, amazing or anything else in this life. It is enough to know that you, and I, we are loved. We are loved. We are totally and unconditionally loved.

Alyssa Kanitsch

As an artist, I am deeply inspired by imagery that explores tangible metaphors. This is perhaps why I am drawn to the world of fairytale, fantasy, dreams and iconic or religious artwork; especially from artists in the early renaissance. In many of my paintings, I try to use images, landscapes and objects to weave together a story or a sense of nostalgia and distant memory. My favourite art medium is acrylics, however, I also love mucking around with mixed media and pastel, and I occasionally work with oils. I have been known to paint furniture, murals and surfboards, mostly because I love to surround myself with the energy of colour.

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