Pondering our Animal Companions

I am hosting another ‘Animal Totem’ workshop this Saturday, which got me pondering all of the animal people that have come across my path lately.

Last weekend my husband and I visited the Margaret River region. I was able to spend some much appreciated time in nature, and found loads of inspiration in the richness and energy of animals and natural landscapes. Without meaning to sound like a nursery rhyme, we saw blue wrens, a lovely family of ducks, a sheep who thinks he’s a dog, and the many cows which grace hillside paddocks. We also happened upon a snake, still a bit sleepy from winter when we went for a bush walk in the Karri forest.

Funnily enough the critter that stood out to me most was the humble wasp. Several times over the weekend, wasp would come across my path causing me to wonder at his attributes. I’m coming to appreciate the importance of bug life to maintain balance and harmony in our eco system. But wasp has other unique things to offer too.

Wasp symbolises becoming active and involved in goals and plans, working as a part of a team, communication, efficiency, fertility, and intelligence. Being a creature of the spring season, it can also mean new beginnings. For me, wasp reminds me to keep on going one day at a time and not lose sight of my dreams and desires. He also shows me the power of clear communication in all that I do.

The details for my next workshop:

Time :1:00 p.m- 4:30 p.m

Venue: My home studio, 12 Heylmore Road Medina

Cost: $35, All materials supplied

Peace ❤️

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