Comfort’s song



20141207_131320  I was inspired by some of the renaissance and pre-raphaellite artists. I love the way the supernatural/spiritual realm often interacts and collides with the earthly and temporal.  Angels and bodies can float, size and gravity is obsolete…yet nature still peaks through in sunlight on leaves and folds of material. It’s something worth remembering, too, that the spiritual realm goes beyond fantasy. Like the wind, you can’t see it, but it is there.


Alyssa Kanitsch

As an artist, I am deeply inspired by imagery that explores tangible metaphors. This is perhaps why I am drawn to the world of fairytale, fantasy, dreams and iconic or religious artwork; especially from artists in the early renaissance. In many of my paintings, I try to use images, landscapes and objects to weave together a story or a sense of nostalgia and distant memory. My favourite art medium is acrylics, however, I also love mucking around with mixed media and pastel, and I occasionally work with oils. I have been known to paint furniture, murals and surfboards, mostly because I love to surround myself with the energy of colour.

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