Importance of art education

I am somewhat passionate about this. It frequently annoys me that the arts are considered to be ‘fill in’ subjects, or given the time and thought they deserve. Intelligence is broad, creativity is broad and human beings are diverse creatures. Art connects us with spiritual awareness, ourselves and each other. It’s important!!

Doodling is good

Have you ever noticed how everything in our society has to be purposeful? I for one so often become a bit guilt-ridden when I find myself ‘drifting’ along, not achieving things that are deemed worthwhile or practical. I think perhaps our minds have become a bit fettered- we are too busy to think, feel or process things….

This little snippet reminds us of how wonderfully creative and lively our minds are. Doodling, far from being a complete waste of time actually focuses us and allows us to ponder, ruminate, disentangle…It’s funny how these precious everyday habits are downtrodden and dismissed in the whirlpool of our machine-like world of structures and systems.