I have always believed art to be somewhat magical. It has potential to make visible invisible things, and bring clarity to both emotions and the mind. Art offers us healing. This comes through colour, a connection with subject matter or content, and the sense of being involved in something larger than ourselves.

I am fascinated with how spirituality interacts with the creative process. Art has the potential for making the invisible realm of the spirit visible and tangible.
For me the act of creating itself is a way of communing with the Divine. This sacred space has the power to heal, comfort, bring insight, connectivity and solidarity with others. My artwork is the expression of a lifelong search for God.

My painting style has been described as whimsical, romantic and ethereal. I use expressive brushstrokes, evocative colours, sometimes incorporating textures and different mediums into my artwork to create a sense of intrigue and depth.
Fairytales, myths and images from dreams are often woven into my paintings, giving them a larger archetypal context that I hope others will resonate with as well. It is exciting the way a piece of art seems to take on a life of it’s own- particularly when there is only a vague idea at the start. It’s like reading a story I haven’t heard before. There is a circular movement where colours and impressions emerge then disappear, and all I can do is follow the trail as it unfolds.

My hope is that my paintings will speak to others on a spiritual or energetic level. As human beings, we are all connected and as I weave my own narrative in art, it is simultaneously offered up to others to bring their own memories, experiences and symbolic meaning into the picture too.

My work is currently being represented by the David Giles Art Gallery, located at 11b High St Fremantle. Open 11-4 Monday-Sunday




Mobile: 0402601480

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  1. Hi my 13 yr daughter is in a wheelchair and has a support worker for help she loves art craft and painting wondering if you have a class that she could do also we would need a invoice for ndis to make payment 🙂


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