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So last year

Last year I resolved to post art lesson ideas and photos. I was so busy getting to know my new school (I work at two different schools) that it didn’t happen!

By far the biggest highlight of 2014 was the Alice in wonderland project I did with my upper primary students. They exhibited their artwork at the local library, and the exhibition ‘Journey into Wonderland’ got into the local paper.

I also enjoyed teaching students about the sumptuous, lush, bold work of Henri Rousseau, the whimsical work of Chagall and the quirky fabulousness of Perth born artist and author, Shaun Tan.




The biggest challenge last year was teaching art to kindergarten and pre-primary students. I found this to be difficult because of short attention spans, and also the speed at which they work. A year 5 project may drag on for four weeks, but for the little ones I had to constantly come up with new ideas. We used a lot of mixed media, and I tended to run three activities at a time for kindy students.

I am excited to see what 2015 holds for me, what a privilege it is to be able to teach art! 😃🎨😃

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